The next Lab is Wednesday  21st September 1pm-6pm
Location: NoSuchPlace, Covent Garden, London WC2H 9PA

Upcoming Labs
Lab #7  Wednesday 21st September 1-6pm     BOOK HERE

Lab Photo Gallery       Lab Notes: Write up of previous Labs

The lab is a not-for-profit place to experiment and be experimented on, a place for people to come together to play and challenge the often stale world of human and organisation development.

It is an place where you can try out creative and innovative developmental experiments that you have never tried before without fear of whether they will work or not.  It is a place to come and learn through stepping out of your comfort zone and into a live, messy and exciting world of experimentation.  Anybody can come along as a pioneer, an adventurer or both.

The lab is structured around the Lab manifesto at the top of this page.  The manifesto is a set of intentions, held lightly on artefact cards, that will evolve as The Lab evolves and develops.  We only ask that anybody who comes to The Lab does so in the spirit of the current manifestation of the manifesto.

A place at The Lab costs just £35 to cover costs (plus Eventbrite booking fee)  and a maximum of 20 places are available.

If you wish to bring an experiment then you are asked to bid for a time slot in advance to ensure everything fits into the time we have available.  Calls for experiments are sent out to attendees around 5 weeks in advance.

The Lab takes place in Neal Street, the heart of London’s Covent Garden.

Lab photo gallery and participant reflections

“I came away feeling energised and inspired.  It was great to meet such eclectic yet like minded souls.  A total treat to have the space to play. “

“It was really fun to meet everyone and breath the air of creativity and
entrepeneurship spirit – very inspiring! “

“Just the right environment for safe failure.  Magic!”

“Great fun and with a bunch of brave, intelligent, caring folk.”

“Astounding depth and breadth of experience with a fiercely talented and honest group.”

“Genuinely a place to try something new and not worry about whether it will work or not or what others will think of you.”

“Strangely, it seemed that the risk of failure made the impact of these experiments far more powerful that those which are normally tried and tested.”

“A brilliant day expanding human awareness with great people. So buzzin.”

“Fantastic to genuinely experiment with absolutely no pressure to make things work. Thank you.”

“Thank you all for such an amazing afternoon. I will never have a first ever experiment again and I really enjoyed it. I’m already thinking of other experiments I can bring.”

“T’was a brilliant day, hope to be back soon.”

“The Lab feels like something very special.”

Lab Notes


Lab notes header_edited-1

Click here to sign up to “Lab Notes” to be kept informed of future dates, experiments and stuff.

Lab Notes Issue 6: Features a write up of the May 2016 Lab
Lab Notes Issue 5: Features a write up of the March 2016 Lab
Lab Notes Issue 4: Features a write up of the January 2016 Lab
Lab Notes Issue 3: Features a write up of the November 2015 Lab
Lab Notes Issue 2:  Features a write up of the September 2015 Lab
Lab Notes Issue 1:  Introducing The Lab

* The Lab is not-for-profit due to the belief that the transaction of cash for services has a detrImental impact on the nature of pure ‘fail happy’ experimentation.  The Lab fee of £35 (plus any third party booking fee) goes to cover venue hire, materials, PR and any surplus goes into reserves, REFERRED TO AS “THE LAB FOUNDATION.”   THESE FUNDS ARE USED TO PAY for future Lab activities, subsidise future Labs that may not have enough attendees OR TO PAY FOR A PLACE FOR those who wish to attend but do not have the financial means to do so.  The accounts for the Lab AND THE LAB FOUNDATION are available on request. 

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